About Cashew

  • Cashew Industry

    Cashew Industry

    Cashew is a slow-spreading, evergreen, tropical tree which grows pretty big if left un-tended. A South American native, the cashew reached the Indian soil through the hands of Portuguese, four centuries ago. It found...

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  • Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition Facts

    About Indian Cashew: The matured cashew fruit has two parts-the cashew apple and the cashew nut. The fleshy pear shaped cashew apple which is actually the stalk, grows into four inches in length and...

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  • Exotic Wonder Nut

    Exotic Wonder Nut

    What is the wonder about the cashew? Normally we see seed inside a fruit, but in a cashew fruit, its seed is an outside entity attached to it. Four centuries ago, when the Portuguese...

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