About Us

About Us

Tasty Nut Industries is a privately owned company with the purpose to export cashew nut kernels from India. We are a family owned company belonging to a group established in 1982, which is involved in exporting cashew nut kernels worldwide.

We believe that quality depends on the raw materials first. Great care in procurement of raw cashew nuts is as important as the strict vigil at every stage of processing. For over a quarter of a century, Tasty Nut Industries has earned an image for product quality which has come to be the benchmark in global standards. Having carried out cashew related transactions for a long time, our company is very familiar with cashew business and therefore we have accumulated an extensive experience and expertise in this kind of business – knowing the several types and species under which processed cashew nut kernels are graded and the systematic for commercialization of cashew nuts.

The Company’s activities is exclusively limited to cashew nut processing, with the objective to obtain cashew kernel, a product very well accepted in both external and internal market.The Company has huge production capacity and the yearly turn over exceeds 1 Billion INR.

We are looking for new customers interested on long-term business relation. We can guarantee you a steady reliable supply and the best quality products.


Mr. S. Muhammed Nowfal, Son of Mr. A. Abdul Salam, is a talented youngster from a reputed family. He had the rarest opportunity to get exposed to cashew industry at a very young age. He is very conversant in all aspect of the cashew industry, right from procurement of raw cashew nut, processing and marketing. Inherited wisdom & knowledge coupled with hard earned experience put him on fast track in understanding cashew processing and its phases to achieve proficiency in cashew processing, trade & process technology.